Pusheen the Cat

· G Hook (4.0mm crochet hook)
· Grey Yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in SILVER GREY)
· Dark Grey Yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver in CHARCOAL)
· Pink Yarn
· Tan Yarn ( I used Red Heart Super Saver in BUFF)
· Light Blue Yarn
· Yellow Yarn
· Black Safety Eyes *optional*
· Black craft felt
· Hot glue or tacky glue
· Fiber Fil stuffing
· Scissors
· Yarn Needle for sewing

SC = Single Crochet
INC = Increase (2 SC in one)
DEC = invisible decrease

A few notes before we begin:

-While creating this amigurumi you will work in continuous rounds, unless told otherwise.

-When I am creating an amigurumi based on a certain character I like to look at reference pictures of the character I am creating. It really helps when assembling the pieces and making the facial features!

*You may not claim this pattern as your own. You may not reprint or sell this pattern.

*If you use this pattern I ask that you please give me credit as the original designer and link the pattern back to me.

*Feel free to make changes or adapt this pattern as you see fit. After all, this is YOUR creation! But please, as stated above, give me credit for the original design.


Use gray yarn.
1. 6 SC in Magic Ring
2. INC; repeat around (12)
3. 1 SC, INC; repeat around (18)
4. 2 SC, INC; repeat around (24)
5. 3 SC, INC; repeat around (30)
6. 4 SC, INC; repeat around (36)
7. 5 SC, INC; repeat around (42)
8. 6 SC, INC; repeat around (48)
9. 7 SC, INC; repeat around (54)
10. 8 SC, INC; repeat around (60)
11. 9 SC, INC; repeat around (66)
12. 10 SC, INC; repeat around (72)
13. SC in Back Loops around (72)
14. -18. SC around (72)
19. 10 SC, DEC; repeat around (66)
20. -22. SC around (66)
23. 9 SC, DEC; repeat around (60)
24.-26. SC around (60)
27. 8 SC, DEC; repeat around (54)
28. -29. SC around (54)
30. 7 SC, DEC; repeat around (48)
31. -34. SC around (48)
35. 6 SC, DEC; repeat around (42)
36. -38. SC around (42)
39. 5 SC; repeat around (36)
40. 3 DEC, 12 SC, 3 DEC, 12 SC (30)
41. 3 DEC, 9 SC, 3 DEC, 9 SC (24)
42. 3 DEC, 6 SC, 3 DEC, 6 SC, (18)
43. 3 DEC, 3 SC, 3 DEC, 3 SC, (12)

Sew closed straight across.


*Make two*
Use grey yarn.
1. 3 SC in Magic Ring
2. INC around (6)
3. 1 SC, INC; repeat around (9)
4. 2 SC, INC; repeat around (12)
5. 3 SC, INC; repeat around (15)
6. 4 SC, INC; repeat around (18)
7. SC around (18)
*now turn your work and work in rows*
8. Sl st, 5 SC, Sl st, turn
9. Sl st, 4 SC, Sl st
Finish off.


*Make four*
Use grey yarn.
1. 6 SC in MR
2. INC around (12)
3. SC (12)
4. SC (12)
Finish Off.

Back Stripes

*Make two*
Use Dark Grey yarn.
1.Chain 18 
2. DC across 
Finish off.

Head stripes

*Make three*

Chain 10
Finish off.


*start in grey*

1. 6 SC in MR (6)
2. INC around (12)
3. -5. SC (12)

*color change to dark grey*

6. -9. SC (12)

*color change to grey*

10. -13. SC (12)

*color change to dark grey*

14. -17 SC (12)

*color change to grey*

18. -20. SC (12)

Finish off. 


Pusheen's face consists of various shapes that are cut out from black craft felt and a small piece of pink felt for the mouth.
For the eyes, cut out two small circles.
For the Whiskers, cut four thin strips each about 2 inches long with a pointed end.
The mouth is a bit of an irregular shape. It's like small "w" with a "u" shape hanging off the bottom. See the pictures below for reference. 


Make two, one in pink and one in tan/buff.

1. Chain 6. Join ends together with a slip stitch to make a ring.
2. INC around (12)
3. 1 SC, INC; repeat around (18)
4. 2 SC, INC; repeat around (24)
5. SC (24)
Finish off.

To assemble the donut:
Sew both sides together, the inner part of the ring first then the outer part. Stuff as you go. Use other various colors of yarn (such as blue, yellow, and white) and place random stitches on the pink side of the donut to make the sprinkles.


Assembling Pusheen is fairly easy and straightforward.

1. Sew the ears to the head. 

2. Sew the tail to the backside.

3. Sew the feet to the body.

4. Sew the back stripes onto the backside of the body.

5.Sew the head stripes onto the top of the head in between the ears.

6. Glue or needle felt on the face and whiskers.

7. Glue or sew on the donut.


Enjoy your new Pusheen!

Thanks for checking out my pattern! I had a great time making this version of Pusheen and I hope you did too! If you have any questions or notice any inconsistencies in the pattern, let me know in the comments below and I'll do my best to get back to you.

I'd love to see your work too! 

Shout out to me on twitter at 1UP Crochet and show me pictures of your completed projects!

* I did not create this character. Pusheen is copyright and owned by Pusheen Corp. This pattern is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Pusheen Corp. This pattern is not branded as anything affiliated with the said franchise.


  1. At round 23 I wind up with 60, so if I continue on it decreases too muchn

  2. What does it mean for the -5.SC(12)? Can you explain?

    1. De la vuelta 3 a la 5,1 pb(SC) en cada punto(12 pb(SC)


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